“I’m pretty sure Poison broke up before you were even born,” Mr. Winters smirks at him. And God, Nick can never figure out why older people are constantly reminding you how old they are.

basically everyone that won’t stop being nostalgic about the 90s when most of them were actually born in the 90s. or my parents.

David holds his eyes for another minute, but he doesn’t push. Instead, he just squeezes the back of Nick’s neck again, brings their foreheads together for a moment. Nick feels his heartbeat slow down a little, the gesture weirdly calming. Like David’s holding him steady.

David’s a good friend. Nick’s just so glad they can be friends again, after that long period of awkwardness second semester.

“Well, if it’s any consolation, Jonas, if you’re a slut, I’m definitely a slut,” David says, and he sounds a little more cheerful. “Maybe we should be slutty together. We could be slutty all over the back seat of my car, what do you say?”

these TWO

not gonna lie i let out a little cry of joy when i saw that the next chapter is the henrie outtake.

Not to mention that he’s been pouring through baby name books at a fever pace, and he can’t settle on anything that sounds right. What if they give her the wrong name and set her up for a lifetime of trauma? Granted, it’s not like they put anything obviously terrible on the list, Karen’s not pulling for, like, Ermentrude or Bertha or something, but still. What if in eighteen years their daughter announces that her name was the worst thing they’ve ever done to her and she’s going to the courthouse to legally change it to an exclamation point?

sometimes i forgot it’s a fic because it’s just too good for a fic okay it just is

“Honey,” Karen says. “Can I ask what the hell you’re doing?”

“I’m making a sweater,” Bill says. “How hard can it be, right?”


“How’s the sweater going?” she asks as she turns a page.

“It’s a scarf,” Bill says.

Karen pauses. “It’s a scarf?”

“It was always a scarf,” Bill says fiercely.

Goddamnit. He’s not even looking at her and he can still tell that she’s smirking.


“Um, it looks like it’s coming along?” Joe says, like it’s a question. “What is it, anyway?”

“It’s a tea cozy,” Bill tells him. “Or it’s going to be.”


After last period, Bill swings by Bull’s shop class and hands him the giant, amorphous blob of yarn that he managed to thread together.

“What the hell is this?” Bull asks, staring at it from behind his goggles.

“It’s a present,” Bill says. “I knitted you a dustrag.”

“Thanks, Guarnere,” Bull says sarcastically. “It’s beautiful. I’ll treasure it for always.”

every single character is just so endearing omg

And they’re not touching, or flirting, or doing anything annoying or inappropriate. They’re just talking. But somehow the way they’re leaning towards each other looks really intimate. David’s not joking around the way he normally does—he’s just looking at her in this way that Henrie never looks at anybody, and talking to her really seriously, sincerely, and for some reason it’s ten times worse than when he’s flirting with her. It makes Luz feel lonely. He’s far enough back from the fire that he’s out in the dark, so they can’t see him, and he stands there for a second, just watching them. They look caught up in their own little world.



As Henrie reaches up to start tickling Nick, Luz accidentally catches Webster’s eye across the table, and for a second there’s a bolt of sympathy flying between them, of them being in the exact same boat. The boat where you want to murder David Henrie.

i finally arrived

the whole thing from summer after junior year on is just best best best