ofyourspines said: you’re mean

as if i’d ever unfollow you. <3333 (because, you know, i’ll sadly never be able to get rid of you anyway, so i might as well)

ofyourspines said: i noticed and chose not to say anything

you’re so evil

ofyourspines said: you’re so mean to me. also i would have told you about david instagramming your edit but i didn’t realize it was your edit sooo

eXCUSE ME i thought you knew me better than this. bitch.

ofyourspines said: chill out

shut up

ofyourspines said: so super literally means great?? also we call bratwurst here brats i just realized that. AGAIN: brat/brat TWO DIFFERENT WORDS

yeah. but you can use it like “that’s super gross” or something as well. idk. i’m not good at this language. that’s weird. i don’t eat them anyway, so

ofyourspines said: nora, you just like to say you’re right. that proves nothing. i did take german though. we had to take german, spanish, and french each for 1/3 of the year 5th and 6th grade years so i got 2/3 of a year of german between those years.

das ist super. ich habe aber recht.


whenever i insult nora i feel like a nazi.